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iStep Cloud Marketing
iStep Thank You Email

Thank You Email

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At Aetrex we understand that your time is your most valuable asset. That's why we developed the iStep Cloud to automate highly impactful customized digital marketing to engage your consumers in a relevant and exciting manner.

This extraordinary software generates a wide variety of marketing assets starting with a "Thank You" email customized with your branding and preferred content. A "Reminder" function automatically sends customized email updates to remind your customers that it may be time to re-visit the store to have their feet scanned and to see your latest products.

Your customers can also receive Footprints, our popular weekly digital newsletter packed with educational foot health tools, exciting up-to-the-minute health articles, a live "Ask the Doctor" chat forum and plenty of other fun sections. Amazingly, Footprints will be delivered with your logo in the most prominent placement so that your customers always understand that this newsletter is courtesy of your business. Finally, the iStep Cloud also allows you to create custom email marketing that can target specific customer groups, allowing you to market specific products and promotions highly relevant to their needs, resulting in higher conversion rates.