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Consumers spend more time engaged with mobile apps than any other software platform. Mobile Apps represent a uniquely powerful and cost effective marketing opportunity to build brand loyalty for your store. Aetrex is excited to expand its high-tech oferings and introduct the footwear industry's first-ever mobile app enerator, giving you a powerful new tool to engage your customers outside the store and help drive sales.

Our easy to use "Mobile App Generator" will guide you every step of the way and build you a custom branded mobile app that is specific for your business and can be leveraged for marketing, promotions and e-commerce. Consumers will be able to shop your online store directly from the app, receive coupons & promotions, and stay connected with you via social media.

Included in the software is the latest GPS technology that determines the consumer's exact location and helps them navigate directly to your store. And if that's not enough, thanks to Apple's innovative iBeacon technology, you will be able to communicate and engage with them by sending personalized alerts when they walk near your store.