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A Scanner that Eclipses all other Competitor's Foot Scanning Solutions

iStep Eclipse

The iStep Eclipse is an extraordinary pressure analysis scanner that measures the pressure exerted by the foot every 0.25cm2. The Eclipse delivers a significant breakthrough design enabling it to perform highly accurate foot scans without requiring conductive rubber mats. This important enhancement eliminates the need to clean and reposition the mats prior to a scan or replace them after prolonged use, delivering a wireless scanning solution that offers incredible accuracy and consistency.

This patented, wireless technology is powered by 3,744 gold plated barometric sensors. The high concentration of sensors results in unparalled accuracy that allows it to pick up small readings such as a child's foot. Combined with iStep software v9.6, the Eclipse enchances the consumer experience in your store and leads to authentic customer satisfaction and improved foot health.

  • Patented Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Portable wireless system that functions at distances over 20 feet
  • Rechargeable plate powers over 24 hours
  • Glossy automotive paint finish for easy cleaning and durability
  • 17.5” W x 20.7” L x 2” H / approx 6.61 lbs
  • 2 year warranty